Letters to the Editor: Trump has gone way too far. He needs to be put on trial

President Trump gestures before boarding Marine One outside the White House.
President Trump gestures before boarding Marine One outside the White House on Dec. 12.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Doyle McManus’ column about the threat to this country posed by President Trump’s attempt to overturn the election is sadly true. President-elect Joe Biden must not allow Trump to continue controlling the Republican Party.

The outgoing president, who is waging an attack on the Constitution and democracy, must be brought to trial and, if found guilty of committing crimes, imprisoned. If this does not happen, our democracy could be lost in the near future.

This is what happens when a narcissist is elected president. When they lose, they are even more dangerous.


P.S. Hayes, Long Beach


To the editor: Part of the collective American memory bank includes “The Wizard of Oz” and the Wicked Witch’s flying monkeys. They did her evil bidding and danced with glee at her watery death.

Today, the term “flying monkeys” has been given a new meaning. From Wikipedia:

“Flying monkeys is a term used in popular psychology, mainly in the context of narcissistic abuse, to describe people who act on behalf of a narcissist towards a third party, usually for an abusive purpose (e.g. a smear campaign).”

How else to describe the Republican members of the House who signed onto Trump’s democracy-subverting attempt to use the Supreme Court to satisfy his narcissism and overturn the election?

Like the Wicked Witch, Trump is melting. His flying monkeys don’t have to be afraid of him anymore.

Ellen Polsky, Huntington Beach



To the editor: It is becoming more apparent that many on the right believe democracy no longer works for them. Demographics are not trending in their favor, and their power is fading.

They like minority rule and prefer an autocracy, as long as that person is “their” autocrat.

Mark McIntyre, Los Angeles


To the editor: The 126 Republican House members who signed onto a frivolous lawsuit to overturn the election violated their oath to uphold the Constitution. Their names and states should be published in this paper for all your readers to see.

I know that four of these people are from California, and one of them is the House minority leader.

Diane Weinhold, Irvine