More stretches and workouts

Good Form: A curve to abs work

An exercise for the abs and spine that comes with a curve.

Good Form: The benefits of backbends

Tips for a successful and safe backbend

Good Form: Pull up a chair and crunch

A stomach crunch exercise uses a chair to isolate abdominals.

Good Form: Curls for the well-armed

A curl with dumbbells works both sides of the arm

Good Form: A double move with balance too

Train the backs of your upper arms and the fronts of your upper thighs at the same time by combining this overhead triceps extension with a quadriceps extension.

Good Form: Yoga pose is a far stretch

A forward-bending yoga pose is a good stretch for the chest, back, shoulders and legs.

Good Form: A good stretch for after a long sit

A kneeling side stretch is a great way to recover from too much chair time.

Good Form: Crunches that aren't a pain in the neck

Using a deflated ball or a pillow can help put you in the proper position for these crunches to avoid hurting your neck muscles.

Good form: Finish your workout with a stretch

A hamstring stretch designed for after a workout gives an extra stretch to the calves and back too.

Abs and biceps in sync in workout

Good, abs and bicep exercises

An easy release for the back

Back tension can be eased with an easy floor exercise.

Good Form: Strengthen those abs

Abdominal training: reverse curl with an oblique crossover curl will engage the sides and lower section of your abdominals in one move.

Good Form: A little more on the side

A seated yoga pose adds a good side stretch for the spine

Good Form: Yoga stretch strengthens back, arms

Good Form: Full-body stretch strengthens back

This mat exercise fortifies the back and buttocks while helping align the spine.

Good Form: Back arches

Two versions of a back arch that will help with your shoulders.

Good Form: Floor exercise works core muscles

Here's a great exercise for strengthening your core muscles while lying on the floor. This exercise recruits muscles in your abdominals, back and hips to stabilize your spine against the movement of your legs.

Good Form: A supported curl and crunch

A supported curl and crunch works biceps and abs.

Good Form: A knee-saving exercise for the hamstrings

An exercise for the hamstrings and buttocks is good for those who have sensitive knees.

Good Form: Weights help strengthen shoulders

An exercise with dumbbells helps strengthen the backs of the shoulders.

Good Form: Get out in front of thigh tightness

Here's a stretch to keep the fronts of your thighs from getting too tight.

Good Form: A plank pose that goes further

Exercise: Plank pose into chaturanga dandasana will strengthen your chest, shoulders and arms.

Good Form: Pilates ring adds intensity to workout

Props like a Pilates ring can help spice up your workout by challenging muscles in new ways. To add intensity to your obliques (side abdominal muscles) and adductors (inner thigh muscles), try this new move.

Good Form: A bicycle built for you

A challenging exercise for the abdominals

Good Form: Target these muscles to trim the tummy

Strengthen your transversus abdominis with this exercise.

Good Form: A diamond when you feel rough

After a workout, here's a great way to stretch your back and gluteal muscles.

Good Form: Counteract the drive time

Use a sturdy chair for this stretch through the legs and back.

Good Form: An aah twist to stretch the spine

Good Form: A more challenging plank pose

Plank pose gets more challenging with leg lifts added.

Good Form: Loosen up your hips and thighs

Good Form: A little plank movement does a lot of work

A modified plank pose requires a small range of motion but is effective for core strength.

Good Form: Get down to build up

This challenging kneeling exercise will strengthen your abdominals and buttocks as it stretches your back. You may find it difficult to maintain your balance at first, but if you are patient and persistent you'll improve quickly.

Good Form: A four-legged flexibility aid

Here's an easy "feel-good" flexibility move that you can incorporate into your workout routine when your legs or hips feel tight or sore.

Good Form: Enhanced bent-over row

This bent-over row exercise involves raising your legs.

For a stretch, do the twist

Twisting lunge can relieve low back pain and help legs and hips.

Good Form: Focus on the abdominals

Placing a yoga block under your feet in this simple move is an excellent way to isolate and train your abdominal muscles. It helps you to relax your hip flexors so you can feel a stronger workout just in your abdominals.

A good turn for your shoulders

Shoulders are complex, highly flexible joints that move in many directions. It's important to train them with appropriate exercises, like this one, designed to improve joint stability and muscular balance.

A workout for shoulders

Back arch battles the hunch

Here are two versions of back arches that will help stretch your chest and shoulders while strengthening the muscles in your upper back. These are excellent to help prevent you from developing rounded shoulders or a hunched back.

Good Form: A half-step handstand

A little help for the Warrior

Using a wall for stability can help you develop a stronger Warrior II pose.

Add flexibility to thighs and hips

Overtraining your legs or heavy strength training for your thighs can lead to tight quadriceps and hip flexor muscles. It's important to keep these muscles flexible with a simple move, which you can do at a wall for added stability.

Pilates roll down

Strengthen your core while stretching your spine.

Good Form: Block-supported yoga pose

Up against the wall for core and lower body strength

Good Form: An after-work stretch

Release tension in your neck and shoulders with this terrific stretch. Do it after lifting weights or after sitting in front of a computer all day. You can sit in a chair, on the floor or, if you have sensitive knees and tight thighs, try sitting on a firm yoga block.

Good Form: Two phases of the half moon

Stretch away stress at your desk

Technique is key to working out with dumbbells

Support your triangle

The yoga basic can stand a tune-up with the help of a wall.

Good Form: Stronger glutes

This is a new, fun way to strengthen your glutes and thighs. By using a kettlebell, which is easier to hold than a dumbell, you'll be able to maximize your results with added resistance while performing this wide-leg drop squat.

Simply for the back

Strengthen your entire back with this one simple move.

Basic yoga pose

A fundamental pose to get your yoga practice in gear.

A pose to build strong abs

Karen Voight shares a form to build strong abs

Stand tall with posture-perfecting move

Improve your balance with exercise that engages arms, legs.

With a twist, you can release tension

Get your lower body in shape for summer

Protect your back as you flatten abs

Twist, but don't hold your breath

Line it up for upper-body strength

Karen Voight offers an exercise move that helps develop strong muscles in the core and upper body.

Dig in your heels to firm the backside

Build strength and balance

Yoga pose, starting with a block, builds strength and balance in your core and leg muscles.

Round off a push-up routine with weights

Strong support from your back

Dumbbell combination builds shoulders, back

For better posture, take a seat

A stretch to help you stay loose at work

Turn your world upside down

Post-workout stretch flexes thigh muscles

A triple reward for chest, core, thighs

Better posture, straight from the hip

Break the ab routine with a new move

Customize crunches for a slimmer silhouette

Simple pull sculpts back and arms

C-curve loosens, strengthens back

Don't forget backs of your shoulders

Work for the triceps, ease for the joints