NASA wants you to take a #globalselfie for Earth Day

This Earth Day NASA is asking citizens of the Earth to step outside and photograph themselves wherever on the planet they happen to be.

The space agency's celebration of the Earth and the people who live on it is called, appropriately, #globalselfie.

To participate all you need is a digital camera and a sign indicating which spot on our planet you happen to be standing on.

(Not feeling creative? NASA has a sign you can print out on its website. It reads, "Hi NASA! I'm on Earth Right Now @_______).

Then, share your photo on your preferred social media site. If you use Twitter, Instagram or Google+, use the hashtag #GlobalSelfie.

NASA has also set up a #GlobalSelfie event page on Facebook and a #GlobalSelfie group on Flickr.

Eventually, the agency plans to stitch all the individual self-made portraits together into a new mosaic image of our planet. The selfie-made image, and a video using the images, is to be released to the public in May.

"While NASA satellites constantly look at Earth from space, on Earth Day we're asking you to step outside and take a picture of yourself wherever you are on Earth," the agency wrote on its website.

So, find a pretty spot on our planet, get out those cameras and say cheese!


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