Dodgers’ Justin Sellers: Zen and the art of motorcycle stupidity

Justin Sellers was arrested for reckless driving and evading police.
(Bob Levey / Getty Images)

Know that bit they used to do on “Saturday Night Live,” where they’d mention something completely idiotic someone had pulled off, followed by a disbelieving really?

They need to bring it back for Dodgers infielder Justin Sellers, whose alleged escapade Saturday is of the head-shaking, you’ve-got-to-be-pulling-my-chain variety.

Sellers, who had back surgery last season, was arrested in West Sacramento on Saturday on suspicion of reckless driving and evading police.

The reckless driving occurred on an off-road motorcycle in a residential neighborhood, where Sellers was allegedly popping wheelies. West Sacramento Lt. Tod Sockman told The Times’ Dylan Hernandez that neighbors had complained about someone driving recklessly multiple times previously, but he had escaped police by driving into a nearby wooded area.


Hey, that’s always a great idea! Running from police! What could possibly go wrong?

Sellers, apparently channeling his inner Steve McQueen, allegedly took off once again for the woods Saturday. This time a seemingly irritated local police were ready. They set up a perimeter in the area, trapping the suspect.

Sellers allegedly then called a friend and asked for advice, who shockingly, suggested he turn himself in.


Now there are plenty of more serious crimes, and Sellers faces only misdemeanor charges, but on the dumb-o-meter, this scores some serious points.

Sellers’ position on the Dodgers was already highly tenuous. In parts of the last two seasons, he hit just .204 and the Dodgers have been busy collecting veteran utility infielders.

Sellers is 27 and with nowhere to go on the Dodgers, but maybe as a triple-A Albuquerque backup. His days could well be numbered with the Dodgers. You can almost see him on the horizon, lifting up his motorcycle and waving goodbye.



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