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Football: A fiasco in the Baseline League

There’s nothing more you can say about the all-league team released by the Baseline League than to call it a fiasco.

There’s not a single player from league champion Upland High on the first-team all-league team that was emailed to coaches Thursday.

I’m sensing some coaches had an issue with Upland this season.

But to leave off every Upland player makes the all-league team lack credibility and ruins it for all the other players. It makes the coaches look petty and not capable of putting together an all-league team that’s supposed to be based on performance, not politics. Did the coaches think about that?


As it turns out, Upland Coach Tim Salter said he left the meeting early on after the vote for offensive player of the year didn’t go his way. He said he nominated lots of players, but the coaches from Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Damien, Etiwanda and Los Osos apparently decided not to vote for them or in large enough numbers to get them selected.

Mark Parades, the coach at Damien who’s new to the league, said, “My question is when this happened, maybe there should have been a recall of the situation by the principals to make sure it’s equitable. It’s a bad situation. When a coach or school is not represented at the league meeting, the process is compromised.”

For the sake of avoiding an embarrassing situation, the Baseline League might want to convene its coaches again and revamp its all-league selection.

Otherwise, throw it into the trash, because it’s worthless.



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