Quinton Ross says family was distraught over his reported death

Quinton Ross
Quinton Ross with the Clippers in 2006.
(Stephen Dunn / Getty Images)

The news swept the Internet on Monday after the New York Post reported that former Clippers player Quinton Ross had been found dead, his body stuffed in a garbage bag and buried in a shallow grave in New York. The report was picked up by several news organizations, and was the No. 1 trending story for a while on Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

Turns out it wasn’t true. Yes, a man named Quinton Ross had been found dead, but it wasn’t the Quinton Ross who played in the NBA for seven seasons. The Post corrected the story, but not before there were multiple “Former NBA player Quinton Ross found dead” headlines across the Internet.

“My phone was going crazy,” Ross told the Associated Press on Tuesday. “I checked Facebook. Finally, I went on the Internet, and they were saying I was dead. I just couldn’t believe it.

“A couple of relatives already heard it. They were crying. I mean, it was a tough day, man, mostly for my family and friends.”



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