What not to do in a library: Make a sex tape

Cautionary tales emerge from release of sex tapes made in libraries

Two recent arrests prove that if you'd like to make a sex tape, you probably shouldn't do it in a library.

A woman in Ontario, Canada, reportedly made 50 sex tapes from two branches of the Windsor public library. CBC News reports that Alexandria, a.k.a. Alexa, Morra, 21, used the online handle "lilsecrett" to live stream and record herself at the libraries "flashing, masturbating and using sex toys." She was arrested and charged Friday with performing an indecent act.

That's not the first sexy library arrest of 2015. In February former Oregon State University student Kendra Sunderland was cited by Oregon State Police for public indecency and faces up to a year in prison and a $6,000 fine for making a sex tape at OSU's Valley Library in Corvalis.

According to the New York Daily News, "The clip of [Sunderland's] scholastic strip show was uploaded on the popular porn site Pornhub, where it’s been viewed nearly 70,000 times."

In Candada, one "cam girl" told the CBC that online users request specific acts and locations, and female performers can demand elevated fees in return. "The reason she's going to the library is because it's become very lucrative," the "cam girl" told CBC News. "A lot of models are making a lot of money doing it ... whether it's the library or at a public park."

Library Journal's Annoyed Librarian, who keeps tabs on public indecency in public libraries, writes, "Young women contemplating making live sex videos set in the library, consider this a public service announcement. Don’t, just don’t. It won’t turn out well."

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