Exercise, Vegas Style: Feel the burn after burning the midnight oil

What’s the most Vegasy of Vegas exercise? Pole dancing, of course. Discover your inner stripper goddess while getting an intense workout at Pole Fitness Studio, where pole dancing as exercise all began. Studio founder Fawnia Dietrich is considered the world’s first pole dancing instructor and runs the annual Pole Dancing Expo (this year it’s at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Sept. 6 through 11.) Here you’ll find classes for all levels, taught by professional dancers and real Vegas showgirls.

You can also learn the basics of belly dancing, striptease and go-go dancing.
polefitnessstudio.com; 702.878.7653

Choose from a host of cool and crazy ways to work out at Shine Alternative Fitness, founded by two Cirque du Soleil veterans. Perform inversions while wrapped in silks suspended from the ceiling at the Aerial Arts classes, or learn the art of upside down in the new Handstands class, which improves strength, flexibility and coordination. shinealternativefitness | 702.685.1864


Take A Hike: Explore art while burning calories

You can hike the awe-inspiring 3,000-foot-high red rock formations at Red Rock Canyon just 20 miles beyond the Strip — but why subject yourself to all that fresh air? Take an equally awe-inspiring (for art buffs, at least) indoor hike through Aria’s impressive $40 million art collection, part of Aria’s personal training program.

Dash past the Shops at Crystals, do sit-ups next to statues and lunges in front of gigantic art installations as your docent/trainer points out interesting facts and keeps you moving. And since the idea is to target the same muscles you would target on an actual hike, be ready for lots and lots of stairs. aria.com | 702.590.9600


Get Balanced

Take a deep, cleansing breath and detoxify Vegas style at one of many unconventional yoga classes. Commune with the friendliest of sea creatures during Yoga Among the Dolphins — a class in the indoor viewing area at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. While you stretch and flow from pose to pose, the dolphins watch and play from the other side of a window. mirage.com | 702.791.7146

Practice Strip-side sun salutations every Saturday morning at the Monte Carlo’s Fitness in the Plaza. montecarlo.com | 702.730.7590 


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