Indian film 'Dangal' poised to become highest-grossing non-Hollywood film ever in China

The Indian film “Dangal" topped the Chinese box office last week, putting it on track to become the highest-grossing non-Hollywood film ever in China and underscoring the country’s growing fascination with Bollywood films.

“Dangal,” produced by UTV Motion Pictures, has grossed $61 million since its release on May 5, and $48.4 million last week alone, according to the film consulting firm Artisan Gateway.

The biographical sports film — released in China as Shuai Jiao Baba, or “Wrestle Dad” — stars Indian superstar Aamir Khan as a man who trained his daughters to compete in a wrestling tournament.

The current record holder for a non-Hollywood film in China’s box office is "Your Name," a Japanese anime movie which grossed $83.3 million in 2016. Chinese audiences have flocked to Bollywood films in recent years, as increased exposure to international films has driven demand for content beyond standard Hollywood fare.

But the appetite for Hollywood films remains strong in China. In second place last week was Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which has generated $80.2 million since its May 5 opening and $30.7 million last week. Its prequel, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” was also a huge success in China, grossing $86.4 million in four weeks of showings.

In third place was “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” a fantasy epic produced by Warner Bros, which grossed $5.2 million last week. The film — which cost about $300 million to make and market — has been a box office flop worldwide, taking in less than $15 million in North America over the weekend.

In fourth place was the Hong Kong-Chinese action film “Shock Wave,” produced by Bona Film Group and starring Andy Lau. In fifth was “Dealer Healer,” a Hong Kong film about a reformed gangster. Both made about $4 million in weekly revenues.

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