ESPN will produce a short-form edition of 'SportsCenter' for Snapchat

ESPN is launching a short-form version of its signature sports news show “SportsCenter” on the mobile video app Snapchat, the sports media company announced Monday.

The move is an attempt to get the “SportsCenter” brand name in front of the young adult audience that uses Snapchat. More than half of Snapchat’s users are ages 18 to 34.

In recent years, the age group has been the one most likely to eschew pay TV subscriptions. The trend has put pressure on the Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, which has long depended on fees from cable and satellite companies to drive its profits.

“SportsCenter on Snapchat,” which starts Monday, will air twice each weekday at 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern and once at 5 a.m. on weekends. The three-to-five minute show will carry sports news, highlights and commentary.

The program will be kicked off with commentator Katie Nolan as host. Other hosts will include Elle Duncan, Cassidy Hubbarth, Jason Fitz and Cy Admundson.

"’SportsCenter on Snapchat’ provides a creative new format and platform for our flagship franchise to continue to evolve," Connor Schell, ESPN executive vice president for content, said in a statement. “Katie, Elle, Cassidy, Jason and Cy collectively bring a new style, energy and substance that I believe will connect with Snapchat’s audience in a real way."

“SportsCenter” will be the first daily sports program to be distributed by Snapchat. In July, Snapchat launched a twice-daily news program produced by NBC called “Stay Tuned,” which attracted 29 million viewers in its first month. CNN followed with its own daily program called “The Update.”

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