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(Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times)

  • Apple to allow outside applications on iPhone

    Apple to allow outside applications on iPhone

    In a turnabout, the firm will let outsiders write software for the gadget.

  • Is Apple losing some of its shine?

    Recent moves to impose control risk alienating longtime loyalists

  • iPhone backlash?

    iPhone backlash?

    The anticipation was unparalleled. Even before the iPhone came out, The Times' Joel Stein was humiliated not to have one. "It seems impossible to me that everyone hasn't gotten an iPhone and already begun mocking me as I punch away on my tiny, caveman raised-bump keyboard, calling me 'Thumbsy'...

  • Hacking the iPhone

    The wireless industry is being dragged kicking and screaming into the open-source future.

  • Your video tech reviews

    Eye on CES The Consumer Electronics Show, the annual trade show for consumer tech, is here. Check out our online coverage. Are you there too? Share your photos and video. Upload here.