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Burger King says it will drain soda from kids' meals

Burger King makes a royally good decision: It will eliminate soda from kids' meals

Here's what went down on Tuesday's Consumer Confidential segment on KTLA-TV:

Burger King. The fast-food chain said it will follow McDonald's lead in doing away with sodas in kids' meals. The chains are acknowledging what health advocates have been saying for years -- that kids are growing fat, in part because of sugary beverages, and businesses have a responsibility to address public health.

Tiger Woods. The golf pro is getting into the restaurant business. That's not the biggest news. What's interesting, though, is that he was limited in what he could call the joint because he doesn't own commercial rights to his name. Nike does. So if you want to dine at Tiger's place, you'll have to seek out a restaurant called the Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club. It's in Jupiter, Fla.

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