Popular iPhone game QuizUp arrives on Android

QuizUp, a popular mobile game that had been available exclusively for Apple iOS users, launched Thursday for Android devices.

The game allows users to face off against their friends by taking quizzes. Users choose a topic and then must answers questions correctly and as quickly as possible in order to get a higher score than their opponent.

QuizUp offers a wide selection of topics, including the "House of Cards" Netflix series, music from the 2000s and flags from around the world.

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The game has attracted 10 million Apple users since launching for iOS in November. Collectively, they have played more than 1 billion matches, according to QuizUp founder and CEO Thor Fridriksson.

“We’ve been missing out on a big portion of the market,” Fridriksson told The Times. “We're really happy to have it finally on Google Play.”

Android users can download QuizUp for their device from Google Play.


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