DJ Steve Aoki premieres his panoply of fan art

DJ Steve Aoki premieres his panoply of fan art
Art by duo DevoNGosha is on display at Scion Av Installation, which is showing works given to DJ Steve Aoki. (DevoNGosha / Steve Aoki and theAudience)

To say that DJ Steve Aoki has an expressive fan base would be an understatement. The Dim Mak Records founder holds the Guinness World Record for the longest scream by a crowd: At 80 decibels, it rang for 2 minutes and 20 seconds in L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium last November.

That fan base, as it turns out, is artistic too. Aoki appeared Tuesday night at the L.A. event space Scion Av Installation for the opening of an exhibition showcasing "Mementos: Ten Years of Fan-Made Artwork."


As Aoki winds his way around the world playing electronic house music concerts, he said, his fans present him with hand-drawn and painted appreciations.

One kid, Aoki said, brought a big canvas into the Avalon nightclub in L.A., held it up and said: "I have this piece of art I made for you!"

"In Indonesia one time, these kids who were deaf came out with a piece of art," Aoki said as more than 100 fans lined up on the sidewalk awaiting entry to Scion AV Installation. "They were crying and really passionate and the memory of that still brings back a really wonderful experience."

The L.A.-based artist duo, DevNGosha, contributed limited edition prints from the evening's signature piece, a portrait of a brightly colored skeleton with long, flowing hair.

"We were looking for an artist that could capture Steve," said Oliver Luckett, co-founder of theAudience, the social media company that built Aoki's online presence and that organized the art show Tuesday night. "We've been incubating DevNGosha at theAudience for the past six months and Steve saw their work there and liked it. He's a client; they're our first artists in residence."

After 12 years living in L.A., Aoki is moving his residence to Las Vegas. The Scion show, he said, "was also a way to clean out my garage, which was full of fan art."

Proceeds from the sale of DevNGosha's prints at the show will go toward the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which benefits humanitarian causes around the world.

"Mementos: Ten Years of Fan-Made Artwork" will be up at Scion AV Installation until March 30. 7667 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 272-4266.