Getty's newly acquired $65-million Manet, 'Spring,' to go on view Nov. 25

Getty's newly acquired $65-million Manet, 'Spring,' to go on view Nov. 25
The Getty purchased Édouard Manet's 1881 "Spring (Le Printemps)," shown in a detail, at auction Nov. 5 in New York. It will go on public view just a few weeks later. (Getty Museum)

The J. Paul Getty Museum's newest acquisition, an 1881 Édouard Manet painting for which the museum paid more than $65 million, will go on view on Nov. 25.

The painting, "Spring (Le Printemps)," will hang with other Impressionist and post-Impressionist works in the Getty's West Pavilion, one of the museum's most popular galleries.


"He represents one of the pivotal moments in our history – the subjects he chooses and the way he paints them," Getty Director Timothy Potts said of the artist when the acquisition was announced this month. "He has one eye on the great tradition of the past, but he's also radically novel and adventurous about what he sees in the future."

The museum purchased "Spring" on Nov. 5 at auction in New York. The sale set a record for the French artist's work, a mark previously held by Manet's "Self Portrait With a Palette," which went for $33.2 million four years ago in London. Potts called "Spring" one of the top five paintings in the Getty's collection.

The newly acquired Manet will join two other other works by the artist, "Portrait of Madame Brunet" (1860-63) and "The Rue Mosnier With Flags" (1878), also in the West Pavilion.

The Manet watercolors "Bullfight" (1865) and "Portrait of Julien de la Rochenoire" (1882) are also part of the Getty's collection.

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