Internet has a hard time accepting that Hello Kitty isn't a cat

The Internet rarely overlooks a cat story, and this week was no exception.

After The Times' Carolina A. Miranda wrote a story on Tuesday about an upcoming Hello Kitty exhibition that included the tidbit from a curator that Hello Kitty was not a cat, people responded with shock and dismay on social media. “Hello Kitty cat” spiked from just 24 Twitter mentions on Monday to more than 85,000 on Thursday by midday, according to the social analytics site Topsy.

The reaction was so intense, as Miranda herself can tell you, that there was a Wikipedia editing war, according to a report by “On the Media.” And now Sanrio is telling Kotaku that Hello Kitty is "a personification of a cat."

Reactions to Miranda’s original report are still coming. Some of our favorites are below.

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