Remembering the L.A. Phil music directors who have died

Remembering the L.A. Phil music directors who have died
Former Los Angeles Philharmonic music directors, clockwise from top left, Alfred Wallenstein, Artur Rodzinski, Carlo Maria Giulini and Otto Klemperer. (Los Angeles Times)

From the unexpected death of the L.A. Phil's first director to the long lives of many others, here's a look at six men who have led the symphony orchestra since its beginning in 1919.

Walter Henry Rothwell

Philharmonic Leader Dies in Car After Notable Music Career

Stricken unexpectedly as he was driving to the beach for an afternoon of recreation, Walter Henry Rothwell, leader of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor of Hollywood Bowl concerts, and internationally famed as a musician, fell dead in his automobile yesterday morning at Ocean View avenue and South Grandview street. He was 55 years of age. Read more

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Artur Rodzinski

Conductor Artur Rodzinski Dies at 64

Artur Rodzinski, 64, who ranked among the world's great symphony conductors, died tonight at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was being treated for heart disease. Read more

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Eduard van Beinum

Van Beinum, Philharmonic Director, Dies at Rehearsal

Dr. Eduard van Beinum, world–famed symphony conductor whose return as music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra this fall was eagerly awaited, died of a heart attack yesterday in Amsterdam. Read more

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Otto Klemperer

Once Called Greatest Living Conductor of Beethoven, Mahler

Otto Klemperer, who was known at the time of his retirement as the greatest living conductor of Beethoven and Mahler, died in his sleep at his home here Friday night, his family announced. He was 88. Read more

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Alfred Wallenstein

Noted Conductor Alfred Wallenstein Dies in N.Y. at 84

Alfred Wallenstein, the restrained, traditional and tasteful conductor credited with building the Los Angeles Philharmonic into a force of major musical proportion, has died in New York City, it was learned Wednesday. Read more

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Carlo Maria Giulini

Intense Poet of the Podium Left Mark on Philharmonic

Carlo Maria Giulini, who as conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic from the late 1970s to the early '80s brought an intense yet subtle passion to the concert hall with his poetic style of music making, has died. He was 91. Read more

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