Artnado! One more idea for filling MOCA's exhibition gap

One more suggestion for the @MOCAlosangeles exhibition gap: Bare it all!

Zach Alan, an arts enthusiast who lives in San Diego and has a wonderfully ranty arts-centered Facebook account, came up with one more idea to fill the exhibition gap facing the Museum of Contemporary Art.

He was responding to my suggestions for ways the museum might deal with the blank space that MOCA is facing in its schedule, something Times art critic Christopher Knight reported on over the weekend. Alan goes beyond my ideas for artist-selected or guest-curated shows, and even my proposal for MOCA to have some fun with a show in which all the work is organized by color.

On my Facebook page, he wrote:

"Honestly, what I'd like to see? I'd like to see all of it. I'd like to see this amazing, world-class collection we're always hearing about, or at least the best of the collection, exhibited salon style, by date of manufacture. That's it, just by year created. Pair like with like but do it by decade, and if they need to rehang to fit all the work, so be it. It'd be an insane salon-style mess but I suspect it'd still be interesting."

There you have it, MOCA: bust everything out of the storage unit and show it all at once in a whirling artnado of cultural insanity. The idea is so outrageous it could just work. And if it didn't, it's still the sort of thing that people would be talking about for years to come.

On a somewhat unrelated topic: Alan has created a pretty amazing Google Map of every art gallery in the L.A. metropolitan area. Bookmarking!

Twitter: @cmonstah

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