GoDaddy airs replacement Super Bowl ad after pulling puppy ad

GoDaddy airs replacement Super Bowl ad after pulling puppy ad
GoDaddy announced Tuesday that it would pull a controversial Super Bowl spot after being blasted by animal lovers. (GoDaddy)

GoDaddy released a new Super Bowl ad titled "Working" after pulling its controversial puppy ad last week.

The Internet domain registrar received a lot of backlash from animal lovers and animal rescue organizations after it uploaded its original Game Day ad to YouTube.

The spot, titled "Journey Home," featured a puppy being reunited with its owners. However, the owners express joy because they had just sold the animal online and could now deliver it.

GoDaddy Chief Executive Blake Irving said the company didn't anticipate the public's heated reactions.

"We underestimated the emotional response," he said in a statement. "And we heard that loud and clear."

The company's new 30-second Game Day commercial features a man sitting at his desk at work.

"This man isn't watching the game at a party right now," a voiceovers says. "He is a business owner. Sacrifices must be made. At GoDaddy we help business owners find domains and build websites to make what they do a bit easier. We know what it's like, guy who's not at a party with his friends right now."

The ad has been played on YouTube about 23,000 times.

By comparison, before being pulled, "Journey Home" was viewed 89,976 times online, according to ad tracking firm

Times staff writer Ryan Parker contributed to this report.

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