'Walking Dead' tops Twitter TV rankings

'Walking Dead' tops Twitter TV rankings
Actor David Morrissey from AMC Network's "The Walking Dead," which topped the Twitter TV rankings, talks about the Governor. (Amy Sussman / Invision/ Associated Press)

AMC's "The Walking Dead" generated substantial discussion on Twitter, taking top honors as the most tweeted-about show of the week, according to Nielsen's SocialGuide rankings.

Sunday's episode, in which the Governor returns a seemingly changed man, produced 262,300 tweets that reached a Twitter audience of more than 4 million. NBC's singing competition "The Voice" claimed the No. 2 spot, with nearly 600,000 tweeted comments reaching about 2.5 million people. 

Nielsen's SocialGuide captures relevant tweets from three hours before a TV show's initial airing, during the episode, and three hours after. It also measures the audience of people exposed to relevant tweets ascribed to a particular episode.

Rankings for the week of Nov. 11 are:

"The Walking Dead" (AMC), Sunday, Unique Audience: 4,071,500, Tweets: 262,300

2. "The Voice" (NBC), Tuesday, Unique Audience: 2,500,700, Tweets: 595,000

3. "American Horror Story: Coven" (FX), Wednesday, Unique Audience: 2,476,100, Tweets: 138,300

4. "Scandal" (ABC), Thursday, Unique Audience: 2,213,900, Tweets: 351,300

5. "The Voice" (NBC), Monday, Unique Audience: 2,122,500, Tweets: 137,400

6. "The X Factor" (Fox), Wednesday, Unique Audience: 1,544,000, Tweets: 190,900

7. "The X Factor" (Fox), Thursday, Unique Audience: 1,500,500, Tweets: 207,500

8. "Saturday Night Live" (NBC), Saturday, Unique Audience: 1,376,300, Tweets: 83,500

9. "Awkward." (MTV), Tuesday, Unique Audience: 1,310,100, Tweets: 51,000

10. "Glee" (Fox), Thursday, Unique Audience: 1,191,100, Tweets: 108,400