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'Lego Movie' actor Chris Pratt on the freedom of the vocal booth

Watch 'Lego Movie' actor Chris Pratt talk about cutting loose in the vocal booth

Chris Pratt has done his share of gregarious goofing on the TV series "Parks and Recreation," flexed a chiseled physique in "Guardians of the Galaxy," and shown some dramatic chops in "Moneyball." In other words, he's not exactly a shy guy.

But if you really want him to cut loose, put him in the vocal booth, as co-writers and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller did for the animated hit "The Lego Movie."

In this clip from a recent installment of the Envelope Screening Series, Pratt talks about his uninhibited work in the film.

"I felt the least amount of self-consciousness as I've ever felt doing any role," Pratt says of voicing "Lego" protagonist Emmet. "Not so much because of the way I sounded, but because I wasn't concerned at all about the way I looked."

There's "a big distinction between doing anything on film and television and doing voice-over," he adds. "I would show up [to 'Lego'] barefoot, wearing some shorts and a schlubby T-shirt, and I hadn't shaved and had ranch dressing on my shirt, and I'm pouring sweat and I don't care. It was nice. … You can be big and you can make crazy facial expressions that your vanity would never allow you to do on camera. So I felt very loose."

Asked if he tapped into his inner child, Pratt replies, "I think so, yeah. My 35-year-old self is the equivalent of the average 8-year-old-self, so I just tapped into my own self."

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