Envelope Screening: Don't ask 'Scandal's' Scott Foley to dance, please

Kerry Washington and Scott Foley talk about the dance scenes they had to film.

The cast of 'Scandal' sure makes it all look like fun -- and for most of them it is. But for Scott Foley, who plays Jake Ballard, rogue operative and one-time love interest to Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope, some of it can be a little embarrassing.

In this clip from a recent Envelope Screening Series presentation, the subject of the show's dancing scenes came up. While Washington talked about how much fun it was to shoot, Foley looked uncomfortable. Maybe not so much fun for him, he said.

When Washington mentioned the script that contained 30 pages of dancing, Foley quickly replied, "The only thing worse than reading 'Jake takes his shirt off' is 'and now Jake dances.'"

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