Fake MySpace celebrities

Times Staff Writer

Nature abhors a vacuum, and in the near-limitless universe of MySpace, a lack of real celebrities could only last for so long. Pick your favorite movie or TV star, and chances are good you'll find them on MySpace. But just because that's Reese Witherspoon's face smiling back at you, doesn't mean Reese Witherspoon is sitting at her laptop somewhere struggling with the intricacies of HTML code.

For every star like Zach Braff, who has decided to jump full-on into the MySpace arena and maintain his own profile, there are dozens of celebrities too busy, too uninterested or just too out of it to be bothered. Too bad for them, because someone else has taken the opportunity to create their profile anyway. And besides being more than just a fan page, these profiles have taken the liberty to adopt, expand and even mold the public persona of the celebrity they claim to represent.

Ever been curious to see what Sean Connery's been up to? Or how about John C. Calhoun -- even though he's been dead for 157 years? Here's the best of MySpace's bogus celebrity profiles.

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