Alyssa Milano blasts Heathrow security for breast milk confiscation

Alyssa Milano blasts Heathrow security for breast milk confiscation
Alyssa Milano took to Twitter on Thursday to complain about her pumped breast milk being confiscated and discarded when she passed through security at Heathrow Airport without her baby in tow. (Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images)

Alyssa Milano went on a Twitter rant Thursday about her breast milk being confiscated and discarded at London's Heathrow Airport, something she deemed "Not okay."

Later in the day, however, she issued a statement cutting airport security some slack and saying she was glad she'd "started a dialogue" by speaking up.


"Every ounce of milk I'm able to produce for my child is nothing short of a miracle and to watch that milk be thrown away without any regard for my baby, was heartbreaking," the 42-year-old mom of two said in a statement to People.

"It's not the fault of the security in the airport; they're following orders to keep us all safe. But I do I feel it is a policy that needs thoughtful reconsideration."

On social media, Milano was more scathing, bemoaning the loss of 10 ounces of milk pumped prior to going through security and questioning the inspection of her carry-on liquids.

"I was told I would be fine if the baby was with me," she wrote. "Plus, it was less than 5 ounces per container. Why is my shampoo okay?"

The security rule published by Heathrow, which is in line with TSA regulations, actually limits carry-on liquids such as shampoos and lotions to 3.4 ounces each, or 100 ml. And while exceptions are made to allow passengers traveling with wee ones to tote "medically necessary liquids and gels needed for their infant/toddler's immediate comfort during the flight," the wee ones actually need to be there for the exemption to kick in.

"If you are travelling with a baby or infant you can carry a reasonable amount outside of your liquid bag for your journey. ... If you are not travelling with a baby / infant all your liquids must comply with the 100ml rule," the Heathrow rules state. "Spare supplies should be packed in hold baggage."

The "Mistresses" actress has two kids, 3½-year-old son Milo and 7-month-old daughter Elizabella, with husband David Bugliari. She's been bold and public about breastfeeding and how much she enjoys the experience, posting pictures she has called "brelfies" (like selfies, but -- you get it) and getting sad about the backlash that accompanied them.

"Who are we that now we get upset as human beings if we see a woman feeding her baby?" she told "The Talk" back in October. "It's crazy to me. Crazy, crazy, crazy."

After the Heathrow experience, Milano expressed her dismay in a series of tweets, including one noting that her checked breast pump -- her main one, not the travel backup -- had gone missing:

"@HeathrowAirport just took my pumped breast milk away. 10 ounces. Gone. Not okay," she tweeted. "They said they would let the pumped milk through if I had the baby with me. Why would I need to pump if I had the baby with me???? @HeathrowAirport Why can you test my toiletries to make sure they are safe but you have to throw away my breast milk?"

"@HeathrowAirport I was told I would be fine if the baby was with me. Plus, it was less than 5 ounces per container. Why is my shampoo okay? @HeathrowAirport I would have happily spread milk in different containers (which I travel with) to comply to those liquid rules. Instead, milk was taken away with no discussion. Shampoo, lotions, etcetera were simply tested and handed back with no issue. Makes no sense at all."

"PS. Another reason it makes no sense - when I got past security it was time to pump again so... I did carry on 5 ounces of breast milk."

"PPS. I travel w/ a portable Medela breast pump on the plane. Hoping this is just a weird coincidence but my other breast pump that I checked w/ the rest of my baggage... is lost. Everything arrived at my final destination except my hospital grade breast pump. Filling out a lost baggage claim now."

Back on U.S. soil and away from her always-active Twitter feed, she put it in perspective.


"I realize there are much larger issues going on in the world. And I don't want to turn this into a bigger issue than it is ...," she told People.

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