Anna Kendrick plays Egg Russian Roulette, loves motivational tweet posters

.@annakendrick47 has a smashing good time playing Egg Russian Roulette on @FallonTonight

If you're looking to top off your Anna Kendrick fix, this is the week to do it.

The wisecracking "Pitch Perfect 2" star is doing the rounds ahead of the Friday release of her much buzzed about a-cappella-singing sequel.

Kendrick appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday for a tense round of Egg Russian Roulette with host Jimmy Fallon. The game was simple: Get a dozen eggs. Eight are hard-boiled and four are raw, "untainted by fire." Each player cracks eggs on his or her head, one at a time, and the first to smash two raw eggs loses.

"I'm the first woman ever to play Egg Roulette with @JimmyFallon! Doing my part to break the glass ceiling. And eggs," the petite star tweeted, linking to a video of the match.

We won't spoil the ending, so click play on the video above to see Kendrick and Fallon's eggs-ellent banter and tension-filled egg-cracking.

The 29-year-old also stopped by the "Today" show on Wednesday to chat about her comedy with Savannah Guthrie. The conversation quickly transitioned to Kendrick's on-point social media contributions and the "font of Twitter wisdom" she imparts with her pithy one-liners.

"I'm so humble, it's crazy. I'm the Kanye West of humility" and "I like to think of myself less like 'an adult' and more like a 'former fetus'" were only two in a litany of other salty-language-laden transmissions. Her humorous observations will likely provide fodder for her upcoming book of essays too.

"Sometimes, my tweets, I think they're really funny and then people don't [and] are like, 'You're weird, I don't really get that.' But sometimes they sort of take off, which I think is really cool," the "Into the Woods" star admitted.

And take off they did. Buzzfeed latched on to Kendrick's witticisms and created a series of motivational posters based on her tweets. One of which she presented to Guthrie.

"That I thought was one of the cutest things, because sometimes people are like, 'Look at what Anna Kendrick did,'" Kendrick said of the posters. "Or, you could follow me on Twitter."

Hey, 4 million people are already, so there must be something to it.

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