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Cobie Smulders of 'HIMYM,' Taran Killam welcome baby No. 2

#HIMYM star @CobieSmulders, @TaranKillam welcomed baby No. 2 'three weeks ago,' she says at Sundance

Cobie Smulders just showed her skills as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent: The actress quietly welcomed her second child three weeks ago and is only now talking about it.

The "Avengers" and "How I Met Your Mother" actress broke the news to Bustle while promoting Kris Swanberg's indie film "Unexpected" at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, this week. (She appears in Andrew Bujalski's "Results," which also premieres at the festival.)

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In "Unexpected," Smulders, who is married to "SNL's" Taran Killam, plays an inner-city teacher who disccovers she's pregnant -- a role that hit close to home for the Canadian actress, who says the film is about motherhood and "female empowerment."

"I'm in Sundance and I have a 3-week-old baby, so I can certainly relate," Smulders said of balancing work and career. "It's my world at the moment, and it's just so prevalent in the world today. I'm very lucky where I have a great career and a huge support system, and not every woman has that. It's an interesting film because it shows both of those sides."

The actress was pregnant while she was shooting the film.

"The timing of it was what it was. It wasn't planned to happen that way, but I think my pregnancy was beneficial to the movie in some respects," Smulders told Movies Now's Mark Olsen. "At the same time it wasn't exactly matched up with the character. And it's an independent film, so in the morning I'm playing somebody three weeks pregnant and in the afternoon I'm playing somebody who is eight months pregnant."

She and Killam, both 32, wed in 2012 and are already parents to daughter Shaelyn Cado, 5.

Smulders' rep confirmed the pregnancy back in October, declining to say how far along the actress was. She did not return requests for comment regarding details of the birth.

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