Kim Kardashian dismisses baby-related rumors, Khloe Kardashian denies lipo

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian deny baby, lipo rumors. Respectively, that is. No need to start more rumors.

Kim Kardashian is carrying her own baby and Khloe Kardashian isn't carrying a liposuction secret, the sisters are saying on social media.

Keeping up with the rumors comes with the territory in Kardashian-land, where Kim slayed a handful of alleged misinformation Wednesday after Khloe had focused on one particular topic Tuesday.

"so many rumors...we are not having twins, yes I am carrying my own baby lol & we have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet!" Mrs. Kanye West said on Twitter, addressing recent stories that she and her husband are, well, having twins, using a surrogate and expecting a boy.

In an unusual turn of events, Khloe Kardashian declared the paparazzi to be on her side Tuesday as she dismissed accusations that her newly visible abs were the result of cosmetic surgery. If she'd had major work done, they wouldn't have been able to snap those five-days-a-week pics outside the gym. The lipo story said Khloe had work done on her "waistline, tummy and legs" and was considered getting her butt done.

"I find it disgusting but maybe a compliment that I'm being accused of getting Lipo done. I work out 5 days a week. I bust my ass!" she tweeted. "Yes this is documented by the paps. I'm assuming if I've had any sort of surgery I would need 6-8 weeks off of any intense workout."

She got a little more indignant: "Why is it so hard to give credit where credits due? I work my ass off in the gym. Again maybe I should be flattered?!?! Hummmmm.

"By the way.... I'm sending this tweet from the gym!"

And elsewhere in the family, there was that story from Kylie Jenner about being cut off financially by her mom at age 14. Unlike those lip-filler rumors, which Kylie finally 'fessed up to, the money gripe might not be altogether true.

Ah, reality.

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