King Felipe VI of Spain steps up diplomacy on royal visit to France

Spain's King Felipe VI. 6-foot-6. French President Francois Holland is 5-foot-9. Talk about negotiations.

King Felipe VI of Spain is one tall dude.

Fortunately for world diplomacy — which isn't in great shape these days — the newly crowned monarch already knows how to work it when he and Queen Letizia are visiting a foreign head of state, as happened Tuesday in France.

Rather than setting himself up to bow to President Francois Hollande outside the Elysee Palace in Paris, the 6-foot-6 Felipe positioned himself a couple of steps down from his 5-foot-9 host.

Voila! Eye to eye!

Plus a little trompe l'oiel: The queen wasn't actually rocking any bare midriff during the official day visit. Rather, that's just the nude waistband on her Felipe Varela frock.

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