Kristen Bell's 'Dreams really do come 2' as 'Frozen 2' plan goes public

'Frozen' star Kristen Bell 'would play Anna forever,' she says -- so it's good there will be a 'Frozen 2'

Doesn't look as though Kristen Bell is balking at the notion of "Frozen 2."

"Dreams really do come 2!!! #FROZEN2 #itsofficial," the voice of the original film's Anna tweeted Thursday along with a picture of herself "dreaming" on a bag of ice.

"I would play Anna forever if they would let me," Bell told CBS News in a recent interview. "Not only do I enjoy the character and how much people love her, but I enjoy the team -- the physical production team that I get to work with."

She called the folks behind the animated blockbuster "super talented and super kind."

But about the whole thing where "Frozen" is the top-grossing animated film ever? "There was no way to ever predict that the audiences will react the way that they did and connect to it so much," she said. (Heck, even fashion-forward North West was not immune.)

Bell told Us Weekly last week that her daughters with Dax Shepard hadn't yet seen the film known for seizing control of kids' minds, bodies and shopping habits. Not that the reveal is that surprising: Delta hits 3 months old in a week, Lincoln doesn't hit the 2-year-old mark until March 28, and Mom said she's holding off before giving the girls that kind of screen time.

"But [Lincoln's] certainly seen videos, she loves the hell out of Snoopy!," Bell told the mag. "But we're trying. She certainly hasn’t seen anything 'Frozen.'"

Disney, of course, announced plans for the chilly sequel at its annual shareholder meeting on Thursday. So far, Josh Gad (Olaf) is officially signed to the project.

Bell and Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa, will hit theaters Friday in "Frozen Fever," a short that will be shown before screenings of "Cinderella."

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