Film and fashion come together at Chanel and Charles Finch pre-Oscars dinner

Film and fashion come together at Chanel and Charles Finch pre-Oscars dinner
Priyanka Chopra arrives at Madeo on Feb. 25. (Chris Weeks / Getty Images for Chanel and Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Awards Dinner at Madeo)

Fashion and film came together Saturday night at the annual pre-Oscars dinner hosted by Chanel and Charles Finch at Madeo on Beverly Boulevard.

"Nice bead work. Very, very nice," Mick Jagger told a guest at the cocktails-and-dinner affair as he admired the five strings of Chanel pearls draping her neck. There was no shortage in the room of clothes and jewelry from the fashion house.


As soon as guests entered the Italian restaurant, they were greeted by the music of a mariachi band. Farther in, the event offered up a cozy, chic and classy vibe.

"Where's Mick? Where's Mick?" Priyanka Chopra asked from across the room, poking around the restaurant searching for the singer. In an Instagram photo showing herself in front of an airplane with the Rolling Stones frontman, the "Quantico" actress had announced Friday that she would be attending this year's Oscars.

The room was lined with candles and elegant, simple bouquets of white camellias and sweet peas. Cocktail waiters passed around trays with mini pizzas, smoked salmon tartines and risotto balls to offer guests.

Chanel ambassador Pharrell Williams and wife Helen Lasichanh took a night off from the triplets they welcomed in January. Williams, who produced the Oscar-nominated "Hidden Figures," sported ripped jeans, a beige Chanel tweed coat and a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "human made."

A friend asked Williams what happened to the mustache he's been sporting.

"It's gone," Lasichanh quickly clarified.

"I think this is sharper," Williams added.

While a crowd packed around the bar, Oscar nominee Nicole Kidman opted to sit in a quiet corner booth with Naomi Watts. Kidman, who wore a satin Chanel hobble dress, turned down the mini pizzas offered to her, but enthusiastically sampled Watts' red wine.

"Give me a hug!" Adrien Brody said as he saw familiar faces by the bar. "You look very GQ. Very chic," he told a friend right before introducing his model girlfriend, Lara Lieto, to his buddies.

While most kept the night light and relaxed, others, like stylist Rachel Zoe, couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by all that a jam-packed Oscars weekend brings.

"I'm ready for the stress to be over," Zoe told husband Rodger Berman and a friend.

Other guests included Kristen Stewart, Lily Collins, Ruth Negga, Janelle Monae (in a gold-sequin embroidered jacket) and Derek Blasberg.

The sit-down dinner included artichoke and shaved Parmesan salad, a choice of lemon chicken or branzino, and a slice of tiramisu.

As the night came to an end, Chanel ambassador Ellie Bamber posed for photos in a blue leather Chanel jacket and skirt.


"I wanted to get a Snapchat with Kristen [Stewart] but I think she might have left," said Bamber, who had taken over Vogue magazine's Snapchat story for the night.

Although Stewart may have called it a night earlier than Bamber would have liked, minutes later the "Nocturnal Animals" actress was seen leaving the restaurant herself, snapping selfies with fans and signing autographs while holding onto the evening's gift bag, which included a Colour Me Coco 38-shade lip color set.