Chris Pratt-Chris Evans Super Bowl bet ends in nicest possible way

Super Bowl bet's surprise outcome: Chris Pratt and Chris Evans will both dress up and visit sick children

Who won the Super Bowl this year? Fans of Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, obviously.

The game was close to the Marvel actors' hearts: "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Pratt, who grew up near Seattle, is a Seahawks fan, and "Captain America" star Evans, who hails from the Boston area, pledges allegiance to the New England Patriots.

So before Sunday’s big game, they traded some trash talk and made a wager: If the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, 33-year-old Evans would have to dress up as Captain America and visit Seattle Children's Hospital. If the Patriots emerged victorious, 35-year-old Pratt would have to dress up as Star-Lord, his "Guardians" character, and visit Christopher's Haven in Boston, where children and their families can stay while the kids battle cancer.

Despite those vicious terms, the two seemed to have a nice time attending the Super Bowl together. Pratt and his wife, "Mom" star Anna Faris, posted photos on Twitter.

The Patriots ended up winning the game, and it looked as though the kids at Seattle Children's Hospital were out of luck.

"Congrats to the world champions @patriots you were the better team tonight. I will be visiting @chris_haven as Starlord," Pratt tweeted.

But then -- a twist!

"Thank you to @prattprattpratt for being a good sport," Evans returned. "I'll be there with you at @chris_haven, and don't worry @seattlechildren, we'll be coming there too!"

As if that weren't enough, the two actors have also been urging fans to donate money to their chosen causes. More than $8,000 has been pledged to Seattle Children's Hospital so far, and Christopher's Haven has netted more than $10,000.


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