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'Terminator Genisys'

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Video game music comes to the orchestra concert hall

He's an impresario with a little-boy streak. He plays a guitar shaped like a sniper rifle, keeps pirates by the pool and is one of the world's leading composers of video game music. He can rhapsodize for long stretches about Bugs Bunny, Spider-Man, Rocky Balboa and Beethoven, whose bust, draped...

'Jurassic World'


Exclusive 'Ant-Man No. 1' cover reveals an Evil Scott Lang?

We’ve got a first look at Marvel’s new Ant-Man title, and it’s raising a lot of questions about the expert thief-turned-hero Scott Lang. As he's standing in the center of a gang of truly obscure villains, we have to ask, is this new Lang making good life choices? Or is this just a fantastic way...SEE THE STORY

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