Paycheck Friday: Get ready for Shark Week with everything sharks

Shark Week kicks off this weekend, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate all things sharks with a special all-shark edition of Paycheck Friday, a roundup of Hero Complex’s favorite games, toys, books and more.

Shark Week, of course, is Discovery Channel’s special all-shark programming block that includes both real and fictional shark-based stories.

Those preparing to binge on the upcoming TV shark-fest might be interested in some plush Shark Attack Slippers to get into the spirit of things. With these great-white-shark shaped slippers on, you can re-enact the original “Jaws” poster every time you prop up your feet.

Although if the weather is too warm for plush slippers, you might want to consider a pair of shark-bite socks instead – maximum comfort is the prime consideration when preparing for hours of TV viewing.

Every good binge-watching session also involves snacks, and what better vessel for shark TV snacks than a Shark Attack Bowl. It’s perfect for holding a variety of snacks, including some shark-shaped candy, and it's much safer to reach into than a mouth of an actual shark.

While sharks on TV are great, those of you in the L.A. area should also consider checking out some real-life sharks at the Shark Lagoon at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. The exhibition features over 150 sharks, including some in a shallow pool that you can touch.

And what shark-themed roundup would be complete without the 1975 movie “Jaws”? Those in the L.A. area are in luck because there will be an outdoor screening of “Jaws,” complete with food trucks and pre-show music, on Saturday in Santa Monica. Doors for the event, held at Santa Monica High School’s Memorial Greek Ampitheater, open at 5:30 p.m. (and you can get tickets here).

I'm a shark. OK, not really, but I'm @tracycbrown on Twitter.

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