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Tom and Jerry’s violent cat-and-mouse games are a familiar delight, but they’re underutilized in this snoozer of a movie.

In Marvel’s “WandaVision,” nothing is as it seems. So we prepared an episode-by-episode guide to the Disney+ series for you to keep handy as you watch.

Horror video game pioneer Tokuro Fujiwara returns with bold play in ‘Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection.’ But some things, including damsel stereotypes, don’t change.

In the latest episode of the Disney+ series, Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) tells Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) her big secret. Here’s the comic book backstory behind it all.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro is hosting a chat Sunday with Gina Carano, the ex-'Mandalorian’ actress whom Disney dropped over her social media posts.

Meow Wolf is eager to show how its vision for Omega Mart reflects the future of themed entertainment and, despite COVID, can respond to our times.

Internet cat maximalism abounds in ‘Super Mario 3D World,’ first released on Wii U, Nintendo’s poorly received game console. Now it’s back with a cat roar.



Here’s an exclusive first look at “Eighty Days,” A.C. Esguerra’s debut graphic novel about flight, freedom and love, from Boom! Studios imprint Archaia.



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