Trailer for HBO's 'Westworld' shows the beginning of a robot revolution

First rule of building an adult theme park where the elite can live among an android population pretending it’s the Wild, Wild West: Install an off button. 

HBO’s long-awaited new drama just dropped a trailer showcasing the actual plot of its android series based off the 1973 Michael Crichton movie starring Yul Brynner.

The 2016 version is spearheaded by J.J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The premise appears to be similar to the original: Fancy-pants rich folks pay a pretty penny to basically time travel back to a land populated by robots. The man behind the curtain is Anthony Hopkins, and his potential androids include Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris (who has the same role as Brynner). This long cast also includes James Marsden and Jeffrey Wright who, from the looks of the trailer, appear to be human. But in shows like these, and with a Nolan at the wheel, it’s probably anyone’s guess what “real” even means. 

An earlier released premise described “Westworld” as "a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.” Other details have been kept fairly under wraps; however, it does line up with the odd casting call for extras willing to bare it all, or even pose as tables. 

Audiences will have to wait until October, the release date for the 10-episode series.

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