The Siren's Call: An archive of past reviews

The Siren's Call: Henry's game of thrones

Thomas Penn's 'Winter King' presents power politics in the time of Henry VII; 'A Game of Thrones,' the graphic novel

The Siren's Call: A horn of plenty's worth of holiday reading

The Siren's Call: Michael Dirda's 'On Conan Doyle,' A.N. Wilson's 'Dante in Love' and much more.

The Siren's call: A Roman recovered

Stephen Greenblatt describes a momentous rediscovery in 'The Swerve'; plus the opinions of H.P. Lovecraft and Margaret Atwood.

The Siren's Call: Step right up!

Duels and fantastical creatures await readers of 'The Night Circus' and 'The Circus of Dr. Lao.'

The Siren's Call: Full fathom five

The lure of the sea in Bernd Brunner's 'The Ocean at Home' and Andrea Di Robilant's 'Irresistible North.'

The Siren's Call: Doubt and faith

The Siren's Call: 'Breaking Up With God' by Sarah Sentilles; 'Waiting' by Marya Hornbacher

The Siren's Call: Apocalyptic world? Forget about it!

The Siren's Call: People ignore a bleak world by hiding in their memories in Dan Simmons' novel 'Flashback.' Plus: Lama Surya Das wants us to make peace with time.

The Siren's Call: A beastly menagerie

The Siren's Call: New books on legendary creatures give us fresh glimpses of monsters real and imagined.

The Siren's Call: No country for young men either

The Siren's Call: In Richard Matheson's 'Other Kingdoms,' a young man wanders into fairy mischief; a view of the sky that's 200 years old.

The Siren's Call: Strange Sightings

Also, "UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities"

The Siren's Call: We Three Kings?

An early Christian document, 'Revelation of the Magi,' provides unexpected insights into the Nativity story.

The Siren's Call: Man's worship of — and cruelty to — dogs

History of both species are linked, hand in paw.

The Siren's Call: Yin and yang are on the case

George Mann's 'The Osiris Ritual'

The Siren's Call: Fragile wiring

When technology helps us to understand the mysteries of love.