VidCon: Olga Kay talks fan power

"Creators of this generation are drawn to that engagement." @olgakay on instant feedback from fans #VidCon2014

The experience of VidCon, the annual online video powwow in Southern California, is something worth subscribing to, if you ask Olga Kay.

The 31-year-old YouTube personality, who has amassed an impressive following on the video-sharing site across her four channels, was there Friday to moderate a panel, "Striving to be Sustainable," surveying creators on how they've made a respectable living through the content they produce. It's a topic Kay said she expects will become increasingly important as the creative community grows on the platform.

"The power of online video is simple: You get instant feedback from fans, so you know exactly what's working and not working," she told The Times following the panel. "And you get feedback for the next thing you create. That's something you don't have in TV or film, and creators of this generation are drawn to that engagement. They thrive on it."

And VidCon is a place to revel in it all, she said.

"Every year as a creator, I want to quit," she said. "Because I burn out; I do so much stuff. And I come to events like this, [and] as a creator you get reminded that [these are] your real viewers. They watch you, they care about you. You have to struggle through it and just continue making content even though you feel you're always alone when you do it at your home."

Moosh on that.

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