Viscera Film Festival: Horror movies and the women who direct them

The 2013 Viscera Film Festival invades the American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on July 13, presenting a blood-curdling evening of two programs of new horror-film shorts.

But this scare-fest has a twist: All these tidbits of terror have been directed by a coterie of women. They hail from the United States, Canada, Mexico, England and Japan.

The event kicks off with a "Bloody Carpet" ceremony and a tribute to this year's Inspiration Award recipient, Jennifer Lynch.  The daughter of iconoclastic director David Lynch, she has helmed such films as 1993's controversial "Boxing Helena," 2008's "Surveillance" and 2012's "Chained."

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The festival will showcase several world-premiere shorts including Kate Rhamey and Allison Rohmn's "Eternal Springs," a chiller about an old woman who thinks she's just 11 and kidnaps young women to be her dolls; Jenn Wexler's "Halloween Bash," about a mean girl who gets her comeuppance on Halloween; Nicholas Humphries' "No Place Like Home," which finds Dorothy returning home to a zombie apocalyptic Kansas, and Lark O. Arrowood's "Phantom Limb," about a man who has always believed there's something wrong with his body.


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