Harrison Ford's plane crash comes during busy period for iconic actor

Harrison Ford, who was in a plane crash Thursday, is set to reprise two of his best-loved characters

Harrison Ford was piloting a small vintage plane that crashed on an L.A. golf course Thursday afternoon, an accident that has left the actor in the hospital — and left his legions of fans around the world concerned as they await further information about his condition.

One of the top-grossing actors in film history, the 72-year-old Ford is responsible for such iconic and globally beloved film characters as the rakish space pilot Han Solo in the original "Star Wars" trilogy and the globe-trotting archeologist Indiana Jones. 

At an age when many actors downshift their careers, Ford — who has amassed more than $6 billion in worldwide grosses over his career — has remained busy and in-demand. In November, the actor wrapped work on director J.J. Abrams' much-anticipated "Star Wars: Episode VII," in which he reprises his Solo role for the first time since 1983's "Return of the Jedi." The film is slated to hit theaters Dec. 18.

Earlier this week, Alcon Entertainment announced that Ford would bring back one of his other best-known screen roles — Rick Deckard, a hard-bitten futuristic cop who hunts renegade androids — in a planned sequel to the seminal 1982 science-fiction film "Blade Runner."

Rumors have also swirled around a possible fifth installment in the "Indiana Jones" franchise, though whether Ford would star or hand off the part to a younger actor (Chris Pratt's name has been widely circulated) is an open question.

While those projects have grabbed the biggest headlines, Ford will next be seen in a smaller film, costarring in the romance fantasy "The Age of Adaline," opening April 24, the story of a woman (Blake Lively) who mysteriously stops aging after a freak accident.

With the seriousness of Ford's injuries unclear, it remains to be seen to what degree, if any, his plane crash will affect his ability to work.

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