Melissa McCarthy comedy 'Michelle Darnell' slated for 2016

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone's next movie together, 'Michelle Darnell,' will hit theaters in April 2016

Wife-and-husband comedic duo Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone's next big-screen collaboration is set to arrive in 2016.

Universal has scheduled "Michelle Darnell," which will star McCarthy and be directed by Falcone, for release April 8, 2016, the studio announced Monday.

McCarthy is to play an erstwhile "titan of industry" who's sent to prison after being busted for insider trading. Upon emerging and attempting to get back in America's good graces, she learns that the people she swindled aren't so eager to forgive, or to forget.

McCarthy and Falcone wrote the screenplay with their Groundlings collaborator Steve Mallory, and the couple will produce with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

McCarthy and Falcone most recently teamed up on the road-trip comedy "Tammy" for Warner Bros. over the summer, which was met with poor reviews and a C-plus CinemaScore while making a tepid box-office debut.

Though some observers suggested McCarthy might be stuck in a creative rut, "Tammy" ultimately crossed the $100-million mark at the worldwide box office, on a modest $20-million budget.

Moviegoers may also recall that McCarthy and Falcone shared a memorable airline scene in McCarthy's breakout film, "Bridesmaids." (She's reuniting with that film's director, Paul Feig, on "Spy," due in May.)

While slating "Michelle Darnell," Universal also unhitched its "Clifford the Big Red Dog" movie from that same date. It is to be redated at a later time.

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