Olivia Wilde back for 'Tron 3' with Garrett Hedlund

The Grid is active again: Olivia Wilde is ready to plug in to 'Tron 3'

Olivia Wilde is ready to plug back in to the Grid.

The actress is on board to reteam with "Tron: Legacy" costar Garrett Hedlund and director Joseph Kosinski for "Tron 3," The Times has confirmed.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news.

Released by Disney in 2010, "Legacy" continued the story begun in the 1982 sci-fi film "Tron," which starred Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer pulled into a digital world where he battles anthropomorphic programs.

Though the original "Tron" was not a commercial success, it was the first feature film to use extensive computer-generated animation, and it went on to develop a cult following.

"Legacy" picked up the narrative decades later with Hedlund playing the son of Bridges' character and Wilde portraying Quorra, an "isomorphic algorithm" with a glowing body suit and an angular bob.

Like its predecessor, "Legacy" was not a huge hit: Though it grossed $172 million in North America, that barely accounted for its hefty $170 million budget. The film grossed an additional $228 million overseas, but studios see a smaller cut of international revenue.

Still, in an era when Disney and its competitors increasingly bank on recognizable intellectual property, foreign box office, and spinoff and merchandising opportunities, the "Tron" franchise appears to have enough juice to justify a third installment.

"Tron 3" has not yet been officially greenlit, but the project is eyeing a fall shoot in Vancouver, Canada.

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