Oscars: 14 completely awkward moments from past telecasts

Hollywood's top players are usually flawless on screen, but unscripted at the Academy Awards, they're bound to say or do the unexpected.

Whether walking the red carpet or holding a shiny trophy on the Oscars dais, the opportunities for highly scrutinized stars to spur global face palms are endless.


Take Angelina Jolie's snafu at the 72nd Academy Awards, for instance. The actress planted a kiss on older brother James Haven with a force that set rumor-mongers atwitter with word of an incestuous relationship.

It didn't help that the excited Jolie launched into her acceptance speech for lead role in "Girl, Interrupted" with an ode to the sibling: "I'm in shock, and I'm so in love with my brother right now," she said, giggling. "He just held me and said he loved me and I know he's so happy for me."

For some like Sacha Baron Cohen, the pre-show red carpet is the stage for their golden moment. Thwarting efforts from the Academy to prevent him, Baron Cohen walked the red carpet of the 84th Academy Awards in character as General Aladeen from his film "The Dictator."

Flanked by supermodel "body guards," he also carried a gold urn he claimed contained the ashes of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

As if that alone was not enough to turn heads, Baron Cohen surprised Ryan Seacrest during his red carpet interview by emptying the urn all over him, taking this publicity stunt to a new level.

The celebrity guests are not the only party guilty of head-shaking moments. Think James Franco and Anne Hathaway, paired to host the 83rd Academy Awards. Unfortunately, most people agreed the entire show was a bust.

Well over 200 media outlets will be sending their best to the Dolby Theatre entrance Sunday armed with credentials and recorders, ready to take down anything that strays from the ordinary.

So while you're waiting for this year's crop of most squirm-in-your-seat uncomfortable moments to be recounted, click through our gallery up top to read about 14 completely awkward Oscar moments since 2000.