Downtown L.A.'s Brokechella festival announces 2015 lineup

Coachella too costly? TeamSupreme, Cozz are among the L.A. locals on the Brokechella 2015 lineup

Brokechella is one of our favorite local alternatives to the annual escalating Coachella pageantry.

The L.A. arts district mini-festival doesn't try to compete on national acts. Instead, it ropes off a big swatch of industrial downtown, books dozens of locals and charges just a little bit more than a movie ticket for admission.

The April 18 fest has announced its lineup for this year's Coachella counter-programming (this year, it's up against Weekend 2, so if you need to see Drake in Indio you still can). It's now five years old -- an impressive feat for any fest explicitly up against L.A.'s biggest weekend for live music. 

The lineup will be familiar to fans who kept up with the indie residency circuit this year. Scruffy locals like Oyls, Battle Tapes, Babes, Smoke Season and Moon Honey are among the headliners on the main outdoor stage. Electronic and beat-scene acts TeamSupreme and Madeaux and rising rap act Cozz are among the highlights of the indoor areas, and there are more than 50 acts behind them on the bill hat finally get to live out their festival-playing fantasies.

Tickets at the door are $25 (and $20 if you have a Metro card, which at this point in local festival-going is a must). There's no collaborative H&M line for this gig, but if you were going to Indio just for the beer and a round-robin of bands anyway, you can do that closer to home.

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