Dr. Luke sues Kesha's attorney, saying he linked Luke to Lady Gaga rape

Dr. Luke's suit calls attorney's claims a 'horrific, outrageous and maliciously false assertion'

Dr. Luke has sued attorney Mark Geragos, contending that Geragos alluded to the producer having possibly raped Lady Gaga.

Geragos, who is representing the pop singer Kesha in a suit against Luke alleging a decade of sexual abuse, reportedly made the comments on Twitter after Gaga said on Howard Stern's show that she had been raped as an aspiring 19-year-old singer.

In the now-deleted tweets, Geragos asked, "Guess who the rapists was?" in reference to the Gaga interview. After another Twitter poster responded with "Lukasz," purportedly referring to Dr. Luke's birth name of Lukasz Gottwald, Geragos replied, "#bingo."

Geragos later repeated the assertions to TMZ, according to the website, saying he made those comments on Twitter "because it's true."

"Fueled by his insatiable desire for attention and malice toward the Plaintiff, Geragos and his law firm have now made the horrific, outrageous and maliciously false assertion that the Plaintiff raped the world famous musical artist Lady Gaga," attorneys for Gottwald wrote in the suit's preliminary statement. 

Gaga immediately denied that Gottwald was the attacker she was referring to, but nevertheless, the suit claims that the "Defendants' venomous accusations have been repeated throughout the world by countless news outlets, causing incalculable damage to Plaintiff."

Representatives for Geragos, when reached, declined any initial comment on the lawsuit. Kesha's lawsuit against Gottwald is ongoing. 

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