Laura Jane Grace criticizes Arcade Fire's transgender-themed video

Laura Jane Grace to Arcade Fire: " should get an actual 'Trans' actor instead of Spider-Man?"

Arcade Fire's new video for "We Exist" tells the story of a young transgender woman (as played by "Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield) as she dances in a roadhouse dive bar and eventually ends up onstage with the band at Coachella. 

But the video, released last week, didn't win over one viewer with a particular investment in the subject matter.

Laura Jane Grace, the transgender frontwoman of the Florida punk band Against Me!, has ferociously dissed the clip on Twitter.

"Dear @arcadefire, maybe when making a video for a song called 'We Exist' you should get an actual 'Trans' actor instead of Spider-Man?," she tweets.

Against Me! released its bracing album "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" to much acclaim earlier this year. It documents the lifelong struggle Grace had with her gender identity and the experience of coming out as trans in the public eye. 

There's no response yet from Arcade Fire on Grace's criticism.

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