Here's Ludacris giving 'What's Your Fantasy' a chilled-out acoustic treatment

Watch Ludacris go low-key in an acoustic rendition of 'What's Your Fantasy'

It's been a late-coming Luda-Christmas for '00s Atlanta rap fans this week.

First, on Tuesday, the lovable Southern rapper released a new album, "Ludaversal," his first since 2010. And now he's appearing in a theater near you in "Furious 7," the sure-to-be-a-hit action film.

But pay no mind to either of those big-budget productions for a moment.

Turn your attention instead to the delightful video above, in which Ludacris drafts several members of the Roots for a mellow, acoustic take on his raunchy 2000 hit "What's Your Fantasy" backstage at "The Tonight Show."

Unlike "Furious 7," it's an exceedingly casual, borderline romantic affair -- so much so that Questlove, who's playing drums, has to use a free hand to plunk out a few notes on the piano.

But what humor! What warmth! And what fond memories of LL Cool J's appearance on "MTV Unplugged"!

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