Robin Thicke to plead for forgiveness at Billboard Awards?

Robin Thicke may try to reconcile with his estranged wife with help from a song at the Billboard Music Awards

Robin Thicke is about to make getting out of the doghouse impossible for men everywhere.

The pop-R&B crooner is reportedly going to use his performance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday to make a plea to his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton.

Thicke, whose addition to the lineup was announced on Thursday, has apparently written a new song to show Patton how much he wants her back – and he’s going to premiere it in front of millions, according to TMZ.

The gossip site claims to have obtained (more like delivered by Thicke’s camp) lyrics for a heartfelt ballad, “Get Her Back.”

"I should've kissed you longer/ I should've held you stronger / And I’ll wait for forever for you,” are some of the words to the tune.

It’s been a tough year for Thicke.

He moved dance floors all last summer with “Blurred Lines.” The slinky pop-disco gem was the biggest hit of his career and reminded us that Pharrell Williams is one of the greatest producers breathing air (we’re still in the midst of Williams’ hot streak).

But everything fell apart in six minutes at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

What went wrong? Everything. There was Miley Cyrus in a silicone bikini and a foam finger that had zero respect for boundaries, Thicke in a tight stripped suit (he was supposed to be a sexy referee but looked like Beetlejuice) and the twerk seen around the world. A grossed-out nation immediately shamed Thicke.

If that wasn’t a buzz killer there were reports of infidelity (with some unfortunate pictures) and a messy suit with Marvin Gaye’s family over “Blurred Lines.” And just when you couldn’t feel sorrier for the guy, the Grammys makes him perform with Chicago.

Since their separation was announced in February, Thicke has been telling crowds catching his tour how badly he wants to reconcile with his teenage sweetheart.

Maybe the new tune will do the trick -- and thankfully Cyrus will be beamed into the ceremony from another country. 

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