Roger Daltrey, countercultural figure, objects to pot smoke at Who show

Talkin' 'bout his generation: The Who's Roger Daltrey tells pot smoker to knock it off

The kids are alright, according to Roger Daltrey, unless they're into marijuana.

That seemed to be the message, anyway, Wednesday night at New York's Nassau Coliseum, where the Who frontman, 71, reportedly threatened to stop a concert by his band after smelling pot smoke near the stage.

Saying he's allergic to the smoke, the singer told the crowd his voice was shutting down, according to Newsday, and that he wouldn't go on unless the smoker stopped.

"It's your choice," Daltrey says in an expletive-laden YouTube video that appears to have been shot at the show. "I can't do anything about it. I'm doing my best."

Then Daltrey's bandmate, Pete Townshend, suggests another way of ingesting the drug.

The Who is on tour commemorating the 50th anniversary of its debut album, "My Generation." It's scheduled to play Anaheim's Honda Center on Sept. 16 and Staples Center on Sept. 21.

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