Steve Aoki, Linkin Park face zombie plague in video for 'Darker Than Blood'

In the future, will the music of Steve Aoki and Linkin Park cure medical infections? 

Aoki's latest music video, directed by Dan Parker, offers up the collaborators as medical experts, capable of finding a cure for a virus that has infected millions in 2052. Featuring the whole Linkin Park band on a track from Aoki's "Neon Future II," "Darker Than Blood" marks the second collaboration between the DJ and Linkin Park after 2013's "A Light That Never Comes." 

Despite the passage of almost 30 years, Aoki and Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda haven't aged a day in the clip, and look a bit out of place writing complex formulas while the outside world crumbles in a zombie apocalypse. Their scientific instruments almost mimic a DJ setup as Aoki and Shinoda fumble around the lab while doctors in protective gear attempt to cure the few remaining patients. 

Given the mayhem unleashed by Aoki in concert, it almost seems appropriate that Aoki's drops are accompanied by frantic zombies and patients seizuring on a hospital table. 

When all hope seems lost, a mysterious child -- sharing the same tattoo as Aoki -- enters the hospital and the two musician/scientists draw up some nanobot technology, curing a somehow earlier version of Aoki as the song approaches its climax. 

In other Linkin Park news, Shinoda's solo project Fort Minor released its first new music in 10 years when the song "Welcome" debuted earlier this week. Its medicinal qualities have yet to be determined.

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