Tyler, the Creator and Chance the Rapper voice 'Black Dynamite' finale

'Black Dynamite' shows that Tyler, the Creator could have a second career as a voice-over artist.

The conversation in hip hop about police brutality is usually incredibly serious. The finale of Adult Swim's animated series "Black Dynamite" is taking a more absurdist - but no less vivid - approach.

The current season of the series, a loving and trippy update of '70s blaxploitation films, comes to a close on Saturday. Its final episode is a loopy take on "The Wiz" - the '70s African American musical revamp of "The Wizard of Oz" - that will touch on the volatile issue of police violence in minority communities.

For rap and R&B fans, there will be plenty of familiar voices in the ensemble.

Guest voices for the episode include Odd Future founder Tyler, the Creator as a randy poodle; Chicago MC Chance the Rapper and experimental soul singer Erykah Badu will also appear.

Odd Future has a history with Adult Swim, which includes their madcap sketch show "Loiter Squad," and the group is fresh off the latest installment of its Flog Gnaw carnival, which Tyler headlined with his longtime hero Pharrell Williams.

But the trailer for this episode proves that Tyler could have a second career in voice-over work ahead of him. His gravelly sneers are perfect comic relief for a show imbued with genre-flick escapism - and real, live anger. Watch it here, but be advised that the language is not family-friendly. 

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